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Hi, thanks for reading: I picked up guitar with no lessons. See I’m a 41 yo father. My son is 6… If you look at other videos of mine you would see my son and I jamming out. He’s 6… I try to lead by example with him so when I told him he should learn to play guitar I bought him a little toys r us $35 acoustic and me this black electric guitar at pawn shop for $100… I got a deck of chord cards. I discovered how to play never using the cards. You must play everyday or other day for a hour inspiring you or your child to learn something by just picking it up and strumming till something sounds good like this… Enjoy. Playing for 6 months. This solo I just pulled out my ass rocks… Can’t argue this. Not a single lesson just picked it up and started strumming till it sounded good… Now I beatbox and sing while playing see many videos I placed up.

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