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Learn Electric Guitar

Discovering how to Learn Electric Guitar

Have you ever dreamed of yourself as a guitar player exhibiting his Electric guitar skills in a room packed with your friends and family? That is definitely a fantasy of many of us to achieve the capability to deliver music using an electric guitar which can amuse a crowd. But most of us end up with no information on how to begin to learn electric guitar.

People usually continue with the old misconception of learning an acoustic guitar before they could begin using the electronic guitar but that’s incorrect, everyone can learn electric guitar regardless of whether they handled a guitar before.

Know your electric guitar

Electric guitars mostly used in rock music  use the principal of electromagnetic induction to convert the vibration produced by the metal strings of the guitar into electric audio signals .Due to the electrical capacity for the instrument electric guitar has more knobs and buttons compared to acoustic guitars .The electrical guitar isn’t hollow so generates a weak electrical signal which should be amplified before sending it to speaker.

An Electric guitar has several parts that can be used to produce several kinds of sounds and tones and In order to learn electric guitar you need to first get yourself informed about the different parts of an electric guitar and it’s their respective functions

Parts of an electric guitar

A. Body – This is the biggest part of the guitar which holds bridge, pickups, strings, knobs for volume and tone control. The body can be made with any quality wood and can be painted with any colour of choice. The body of an electric guitar consist of following parts-

1. Strings: Usually every electric guitar has six strings; we can pluck and play the strings to produce music. Every string has its own level of thickness, thicker the strings lower the sound and vice versa.

2. Bridge: Bridge is the part where the strings sit at the end of the body of the guitar.
Pickup: The pickup is a magnetic device which actually transfers the vibrations from the metal strings to get converted into electrical signals.

3. Tremolo bridges: Tremolo bridges – some guitars are equipped with tremolo bridges which can be used to manually loosen or tighten the strings of the guitar which can lower or raise the pitch of the guitar.

4.Volume and pitch control: Volume control allows you to control the volume of the guitar by either turning the guitar off at 0 volume or raising it to the max level at 10 .Tone control allows you to control the tone of the guitar to maintain the sound of guitar to more bass or treble or combination of both .

5. Pickup selector: Some guitars with more than one pickup have a pickup selector switch which allows you to use one pickup or the other or combination of both.

B. Fret board – Fret board is located at the neck of the guitar and usually consist of frets and frets markers .frets are the little metal ridges along the neck of the guitar on which you can press the string to produce a different note .fret markers are visual aids that are found in between the frets .they are located on 3rd, fifth, seventh, ninth and so on to the neck of the electric guitar.

C. Headstock – Head stock is a small piece of wood that can be seen in every type of guitars at the end of the fret board. The headstock holds the tuning pegs at the end of the strings .the tuning pegs are used to tune the electric guitar.

Time required mastering the mighty electric guitar

In order to learn electric guitar professionally and become an expert of the electric guitar, you ought to show intense concentration and devotion. Usually by having an average learning speed and reasonable quantity of practice, one can learn playing the basic fundamentals in 2-3 months and in 5-6 months we are able to notice numerous advancements in expertise like finger dexterity and in around 8- 10 months you should be branching off and exploring various styles of music that you enjoy. If you take your guitar skills seriously and want to excel in this field professionally, you need to remain focused and dedicated in practising your guitar every day.

Top five electric guitars for beginners

Regarding beginners in the field of electric guitars, it is recommended to research and evaluate various guitar models or discuss with professionals or present users prior to choosing which guitar model is ideal for you. In advance of buying it is best to inquire the knowledgeable guitarists and know their recommendations. Electric guitars are certainly not low-priced therefore you need not to shed your cash on something you won’t love playing. Listed here are among the best models of electric guitar for the beginner –

1 Fender Squier Stratocaster
2 Epiphone G-310 SG
3 Yamaha PAC012DLX Pacifica Series HSS Deluxe
4 Squier Affinity Series Telecaster
5 Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Essential starter songs for learning the electric guitar

In an effort to create a collection of tracks which are popular because of their electric guitar elements, I want like to introduce you to my list of essential must learn songs for the electric guitar. These songs can be easily recognisable for their guitar parts .Here is the list:

1.) Smoke on the Water – Deep purple
2.) Stairway to Heaven/Whole Lotta love – Led Zeppelin
3.) Voodoo Chile/Hey joe/Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
4.) Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n Roses
5.) Walk this way – Aeromsith
6.) House of the Rising Sun – The Animals
7.) Back in Black – ACDC
8.) Paranoid – Black Sabbath
9.) Layla – Eric Calpton
10.) Albatross – Fleetwood Mac

In order to learn the electric guitar one must get familiar with its guitar and its parts. Now you have learned about all the different parts of an electric guitar, few best recommended guitars for beginners and few must learn songs for electric guitar, you can move onto the beginner level lessons in learning the electric guitar and start off with playing basic chords.

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