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This is a compilation of all the songs I have been learning in my first year playing the guitar – 2010-2011. I can play about 18 of them all the way through, albeit, some I stumble through as certain sections are simply too fast; at the moment. guitar lesson “Electric guitar” rock heavy…

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Here’s a song for my friend, John, in Alaska. He asked Debbie and I to put Girl from Ipanema on YouTube to help him learn the chords. Here you go, John; this is one of my favorite songs; I’ll send you the chord progression by email. Stay warm.

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www.thesubpage.com Learn How To Play Guitar Chords Instantly. Learn guitar chords in a more intuitive way with The Musician’s Toolobox. We utilize the first person perspective, and it makes perfect sense to learn to play the guitar this way. You can learn to play guitar chords much faster when you see on the screen what you see when you look down at your hands. If you are a beginner guitar player, the Learn Guitar Chords DVD is a must have

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