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Just a few tips incase you are going to build your own electric guitar.

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In this free guitarmann.com Electric Series video lesson, you will learn one of the best finger warm up exercises for playing solos on the electric guitar. When you master this scale, you will be ready to conquer scales that you can use in soloing. This scale will strengthen your fingers and provide the flexibility you need to shred.

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Full DVD Available at cooldiscountinstruments.com . Introduction to Electric Guitar DVD & Video by Bert Casey is a 60 minute video that covers the beginning material in the Electric Guitar Primer Book. Intended for the beginning electric player, this video covers riffs, power chords, chords & strumming and scales. It utilizes many closeups to show proper hand position and technique. Our unique split screens show both hands in detail and utilizes onscreen tablature for all of the music, with a bouncing ball type pointer showing each note as it is being played. The student plays along with a full band on all of the 12 song examples. This video starts the student on the road to becoming a rock & roll player by learning how to play electric guitar.

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